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Very satisfied!

Abbey Carpet and Floors did everything they were supposed to do in a timely fashion and for reasonable prices. We had them replace wall-to-wall carpeting to install some new carpets and am very satisfied with their work. I liked that the installers who came to do the job made sure to move the furniture out of the way and put it back in its original position without damaging anything in the process. Their customer service and the quality of their work were absolutely excellent. Great job Abbey Carpet and Floors!

- George S.
Maunawili, HI

Highly recommended.

Abbey Carpet & Floors put new carpeting and flooring throughout my entire home. Charlie was my salesman, and he was really good. He was very attentive to what I wanted. He was helpful with his recommendations and did not try to oversell. During the installation and throughout the process he was my point of contact. There had been some minor problems with the carpet laying and I just had to reach out to Charlie. He got right on the issue and took care of it for me. The installer was able to come back and remedy the problem. I didn't have to pull any teeth in order to fix my concerns. I am very happy with my new floors.

- Ron L.
Oahu, HI

Great experience for someone who hasn't done a big project in a long time!

The salesman Neil, from Abbey Carpet and Floors, was very helpful and knowledgeable about all the products and helped the entire process go by smoothly. He answered all our questions and explained to us exactly how long it would take to get the carpets in. He was very flexible as well; after we made the arrangements, if we had an appointment but couldn't do it that day, Neil was very helpful in coordinating a different time. I haven't gotten my carpets done for years so when we started looking for them and installing them, we were kind of overwhelmed by how expensive they became. We did go to other companies before deciding on Abbey and thought that the prices Abbey offered were middle-of-the road, not too expensive but not cheap either. I had Abbey Carpet and Floors do the carpets inside the house and the stairs in the garage. The workmen who came to do the carpet installation were really great. They worked so hard! They actually came earlier than expected and just kept working until they finished the job. There was some debris to clean up after they finished but they made sure to take care of most of the bigger rubbish. Overall, the entire process, from setting up the arrangements to actually getting the work done, was a very good experience for someone who hasn't done this big of a project in awhile. I would definitely recommend them!

- Karen T.
Honolulu , HI

The experience was excellent

I had Abbey Carpet install a carpet in our office, and it is of excellent quality. The customer service was good, and they were very timely. The prices were good. The only reason I didn't give them four stars was because they didn't return my initial phone call.

- Gordon A.
Honolulu, HI

Honest, dependable service

I am very pleased with the service from Abbey Carpet. Thank you!

- May F.
Kailua, HI

Not 100% Satisfied.

I initially had carpet installed by Abbey Carpet & Floors and the workmanship didn't turn out the way that they promised. So they came out and redid the entire carpeting, and, after waiting one year to see how it settled, I can still see the seams and joints of the carpet. The carpet is also fading after only one year. When I asked for an estimate, they told me there wouldn't be any joints and that is simply not true. I will say the prices were competitive, and I want to give them credit for trying, but ultimately, it's not what I really wanted and I am displeased.

- James L.
Honolulu , HI

Great and informative experience.

Abbey Carpet & Floors they came everyday to finish the job for us. They worked very hard and everything turned out nice. The salesman was very nice as well. My wife and I are very satisfied.

- Ernest S.
Honolulu, HI

First class experience.

Abbey Carpet and Floors installed 2400 square feet of plank flooring and carpeting for us. Overall, they were friendly, accommodating, and easy to work with. The installers were professional and responsive. I would recommend them.

- Bob S.
Honolulu, HI

Make sure you know what you're getting into.

This was my first time using Abbey Carpet & Floors. The bid was the initial thing. We were charged for a lot of things, the list went on and on. When they came to do the installation, they were very abrupt saying we're not going to move this or move that. They were early and when I got to work to move the stuff, they made the comment to the owner. The owners were upset that they wouldn't move a shelf or two. Another woman and I had to to do it. After the installation, the carpet moves. It doesn't seem like it was glued down correctly. The carpet cover wasn't put on well either. The carpet is kind of sticking out.

- Kanani G.
Kailua, HI

Respectful and Friendly.

Abbey Carpet & Floors is good to work with. They installed carpeting in three rooms for me. The installers were very friendly and I don't have any complaints about their service. I would recommend them.

- Alma M.
Honolulu, HI

Excellent Service.

Abbey Carpet & Floors installed carpeting in three bedrooms for us. The representative was very courteous, personable and we hit it off really well. He gave me an overall view of what I needed. He was quite informative and gave me all the details on the advantages of the different types of padding. I would recommend their service.

- Debbie H.
Wahiawa, HI

Great service.

Abbey Carpet & Floors always does a good job. They replaced my carpet for me, and everything turned out well. The people who came in were also very friendly. I have used them once before, and I would definitely use them again.

- Vicente A.
Honolulu, HI

A great experience

When I first went to the office at Abbey Carpet and Floors, I was greeted right away. The secretary, who I believe was the owner's wife, was very friendly and spent a lot of time showing me different products to choose from. They persuaded me to go with a more cost-effective product, and I ended up saving a lot of money. I wanted vinyl floors originally, but ended up going with a carpet. This was for a home that I rent out. The carpet looks great.

The salesman was helpful and easy to talk to. They are very welcoming and give good customer service. They communicate well.

- Tim L.
Pearl City , HI

An okay experience

Abbey Carpet and Floors installed hardwood floors and carpets for me. The floors and carpets look okay. There has been some issues, but we are resolving them. The prices were a little more than I bargained for.

- Sandy V.
Honolulu, HI

Prompt and attentive

They actually got back to me quickly. We had an issue and they took care of it promptly, and they did follow up with making sure everything was to our liking. It was our first time using them, and I'd use them again. I'd recommend them to others as well.

- Carol O.
Honolulu, HI

Very good

The people at Abbey Carpet are very courteous, nice, and respectful of your home. I had them come to lay a carpet in my bedroom, and it was an easy, trouble-free experience. I enjoyed dealing with them and it's nice that they're conveniently located close by my house. I like their service and they're the only carpet company I will use from now on.

- Sally C.
Honolulu, HI

Everything went exactly as promised.

This was my first time using Abbey Carpet & Floors. We used them based off a recommendation from our neighbor.

We used their services recently after we had a flooding incident from a plumbing issue. The installer was very professional, and the installation took about 2 days. The sales person was very knowledgeable, and gave me many alternatives with our budget in mind.

- Barry M.
Mililani, HI

I would use them again

This was my first time using Abbey Carpet & Floors. They were very efficient. The guys that came to do the service really helped me. They moved around big pieces of furniture. It took them about a day to do it, but that was pretty fast. The workers were good and friendly. I would used them again.

- Glady K.
Honolulu, HI

Happy--everything I expected got done

Abbey Carpet & Floors did carpeting in my living room, all the carpeting upstairs, in the kitchen, and in the dining room. Everything was installed beautifully. I enjoy working with them because they're easy to contact, easy to talk to, and whatever you need, they get the job done.

- Andrew U.
Aiea, HI

Great service, fast response.

Abbey Carpet & Floors did an amazing job. I am a contractor and wanted to get a rental units carpeted and rented quickly. In the showroom, they were very knowledgeable and helpful in selecting the best product for me. They were able to install it immediately, which was good in this case. They did a great job for me and I am very happy!

- Tom R.
Kilauea, HI

A tremendous experience filled with Aloha!

We used Abbey Carpet & Floors for the second time, and they were very helpful! We called them with a lot of questions, and we ended up having a problem with our slab. They were so fast to identify and take care of the problem. They took care of everything from beginning to end, and they kept us informed the whole time. They had very good communication, and they answered all our questions.

If you're looking for a company that has a family atmosphere, Abbey Carpet & Floors is it. They treat you like family, which is what made us go with them. They have the spirit of Aloha, and everyone there is very helpful!

- Brian D.
Kaneohe, HI

Very helpful service

I was in a rush to get my carpets cleaned because I was pregnant, and wanted my carpets to be cleaned before the baby came. The guy who came from Abbey Carpet and Floors was very helpful. They measured how much carpet I would need, and the lady who scheduled the appointment even called me to ask how my baby was doing.

- Liberty S.
Everbeach, HI

Fast, friendly service!

I used Abbey Carpet & Floors for the first time, and I had a good overall experience. Everyone was friendly, and the prices were decent. The installation was done very fast, and the workers were helpful. I needed to run some cables under the carpet, and they worked with me to come up with solutions so the cables wouldn't be seen.

- R K.
Aiea, HI

They were great!

Abbey Carpet & Floors were great. We put in vinyl sheeting in my mother-in-law's apartment. She's 90 years old and they made every accommodation for her. Mind you, these are 1930s-40s beach cottages, and there wasn't a level square floor in there. Joe and Jason, the installers, spent so much time leveling it. They worked late and they were meticulous. They really were just artists.

They all went above and beyond. Ron, the estimator, met with my mother-in-law twice, and made suggestions for what would be best for her. Sean, the salesman, spoke with the management to get approval to lower his initial quote for us. The thing that impressed me the most was how Joe, the most experienced installer, gave Jason a great deal of credit. I thought that was really awesome.

- Patti B.
Honolulu, HI

You'll be satisfied with Abbey Carpet & Floors!

We were very satisfied with Abbey Carpet & Floors. We were looking for carpet, and the first place we went didn't have the quality or selection we wanted. When I called Abbey Carpet, I spoke with Dawn. She was able to send me several samples of what we were looking for, and she told me the breakdown of the quality from lowest to highest grade for both the carpets and the pad.

There was a good diversity in the carpet selection she sent, and the price was good as well. She gave us choices with the selection, so we could make a decision that fit in our budget. When it came to the installation, they were able to do the work in a week, which worked out well for us. Other stores said it would take a month. But Dawn gave us dates that were convenient.

The carpet turned out great, and I really liked that we were able to do things over the phone regarding payment. Dawn sent me receipts via email, which was great also. The tenant who moved into the unit right away really likes the new carpets!

- Lance O.
Kapolei, HI

Accommodating. Helpful. Knowledgeable.

Abbey Carpet & Floors installed carpeting at my parents home. The sales person was very knowledgeable and accommodating. We appreciated how helpful they were in assisting us to make the best decision. I am very happy and so are my parents.

- Bobbie F.
Peal City , HI

Nice carpet installation.

Abbey Carpet & Floors did all of the carpeting in our living room, and then they did all of the carpeting our on our lanai. The work was done well, so we were pleased!

- Beverly H.
Honolulu, HI

Nice work

I had a few stains on my carpet that I wanted to get rid of so I went ahead and called Abbey Carpet to take care of the job. In the end they did a nice job and I know I will be using them again in the future.

- Paul H.
Honolulu, HI

Everything turned out great with Abbey Carpet & Floors!

Abbey Carpet & Floors are good people who did a good job. The lady that helped us, Dawn Morgan, provided good customer service. Everything turned out great! I really like the product.

- Divina P.
Honolulu, HI

You have an excellent individual in Mr. Sapana. You know that he cares.

I must admit the vertical blinds do not meet the quality with the blinds we purchased 8 years ago from Design 5. We really paid more for those blinds because the price was about the same. We are satisfied with the blinds we have now.

One noticeable difference is the feel when opening and closing the blinds. Our present blind is not operate smoothly. We are completely satisfied with the LOOKS of the blind.

- Richard & Pauline O.
98 716 Nohoaupuni Place, HI

Excellent installation. Always ready to answer any questions.

I have had two services done by Abbey Carpet & Floors so far. They did a carpet installation and also a tile installation. Both of these services were done in a very professional and timely manner. The work was truly excellent.

Whenever I had any questions, they were able to answer them clearly. I know that if I ever need something from them, I could always reach out to them, and they would follow-up no problem. I would recommend them for anyone's flooring needs.

- Mary S.
Honolulu, HI

Complete satisfaction

I am thrilled about how much Abbey Carpet & Floors helped us with install our amazing floors. The person who helped me was very warm and hands-on with assisting me on my decision for which carpet to purchase. They offered me awesome rates and were very flexible with my schedule. They installed gorgeous carpet for my bedroom and I couldn't be more impressed. They were on time for every appointment and the workmanship is top notch. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get flooring installed for a fantastic price.

- Sean A.
Aiea, HI

Very personable and we're very satisfied

The service from Abbey Carpet & Floors was excellent. They originally put in one carpet that, when it was laid out, we didn't like it all--the color or pattern. Abbey facilitated the exchanged and came over to remove the old carpet and put in the new under our 90-day warranty. The service manager called me directly to see if everything was satisfactory and the installers were very good.

- Debbie L.S.
Kim L.
Honolulu, HI

A local company focused on great customer service

We hired Abbey Carpet & Floors to install carpet in our home. We had looked at one or two other places, but our decision to go with Abbey Carpet & Floors had a lot to do with our first encounter with Kevin. He was really great. He was patient, listened to us and gave us the information we needed. The meeting didn't feel rushed. He was very unassuming and asked us questions about what we were looking for as we looked at samples. That was really the first impression we had, and it grew from there. He wasn't pushy. He was courteous and provided a lot of information about the types of carpet we were considering.

Julie, who installed the carpet with a helper, was awesome. She was really knowledgeable about what she was doing, and she did a great job! It's really great to have a local business that is so focused on customer service. We found out that's what they're all about!

- Arlene M.
Wahiawa, HI

Indescribably good!

Abbey Carpet & Floors is really good. I can't express how good they are. The workers who came in were very polite and particular. They do good, clean work. It wasn't dusty or anything like that. They're really professional. I would give them all five stars all the way through.

The sales people were good, the installers were good, and their availability was good. The condition of what they did was perfect. They did my son's house too and everything was great. They did wood, tile, and carpet in the stairwells. They did the same thing in my son's place. They did his whole house and my whole house.

I have zero complaints. My wife is happy and if she's happy, I'm happy. I've told all my friends and relatives: go to Abbey Carpet & Floors. They do good work!

- Warren K.
Honolulu, HI

Good product and professional, prompt installation.

Abbey Carpet & Floors were right on time. The only thing I didn't like was that they had trouble removing anything without an extra cost. Otherwise, they were phenomenal.

The whole experience was very nice. They had a good selection, we got what we wanted, and they put it in very nicely. They installed all of the carpeting within one day.

They were here early and took away the old carpet for us. A guy came first and said how long it would take and that was exactly how long it took. There was no dallying around. They just got the job done, which was nice.

- Lin T.
Honolulu, HI

Great customer service.

Abbey Carpet & Floors was really helpful throughout the whole selection process, especially when they came out to do measurements and give an estimate. They explained what kind of floors we actually had and suggested we do a floating floor instead of what we were going to have done because of the type of sub-floor we have.

They were really good at working with us. We have a huge washer and dryer that are impossible to move. They did a really good job on the installation and on working with us on our schedule. We wanted to get it in within a certain time frame since right now our son is house-sitting next door and we have access to toilets and showers. We did both bathrooms at the same time and they were just really helpful in accommodating us.

We started out with Abbey Carpet & Floors when we had some blinds done in the bedroom. We liked the service and the product, so we had plantation shutters put in our spare bedroom and bought new panes for the rest of the blinds. Then we decided to do the bathroom floors. It seems like their prices are reasonable and they were really willing to work with us. Kevin has been really great.

- Ruth D.
Mililani, HI

Lots of carpeting to choose from. Helpful staff. Satisfying service.

We purchased carpeting from Abbey Carpet & Floor recently and hired them to install it in our master bedroom. There was a vast selection to choose from. The salesman was very helpful. The installer who came was very nice and very good. He was prompt and did good work for us. We were totally satisfied with the results. We haven't had to ask them to come back for any issues or anything. By all means, give them a try! You will be very satisfied.

- Patricia M.
Wahiawa, HI

Excellent selection and even better service.

I had bought a carpet from Abbey Carpet & Floors a few years ago. The carpet did not perform to the manufacturer's standards, so I went back to Abbey Carpet & Floors in order to get it replaced. They helped me facilitate the replacement and the installation. They assisted me in selecting the appropriate carpet for my home. The fact that there was no sale involved this time around was a true testament of their dedicated service. They were still incredibly accessible in purchasing and installing the new carpet. The whole experience was flawless.

- Mark A.
Kailua, HI

Professional, No problems, No worries

Abbey Carpet & Floors know their job, do their thing, and work very professionally. The staff is personable and does good work. I didn't have to worry about anything. I would recommend them to anybody.

- Bernard & Lolita L.
Waipio, HI

Very excellent.

The carpeting was excellent. They came in and really did a good job with that. With the vinyl I noticed here and there small little things where it didn't connect as much or wasn't as perfect, but I can live with it.

They're right down the street, so it's very convenient for me. Regardless, I think they did a good job. The sales people are friendly and helpful and the installation was excellent. And they're also very accommodating.

- Vivian L.
Aiea, HI

I recommend them! Very professional.

Abbey Carpet & Floors are really professional. Whenever you need services, you want to go to people who have been in the business a long time and know what they're doing. We had questions about the process, asked them, and had them taken care of. I've already recommended Abbey to others.

- Nathan K.
Ewa Beach, HI

Really good!

We had new carpets installed with Abbey Carpets & Floors. We were really pleased with John, who was the one who helped us with the carpets. I was really, really impressed with his patience and overall knowledge of everything. He convinced us to get the carpet we wanted to get. His patience and understanding really helped us along the way.

- Eric & Karen A.
Ayea, HI

Very pleasant experience. My needs were all met.

Abbey Carpet & Floors were very thoughtful and efficient. When they said they would be here, they were here at the appointed time. The guy that came to install it was very nice and didn't leave a huge mess. They installed new carpet for me, and their installer was very good.

- Faye F.
Kailua, HI


Abbey Carpet and Floors was really helpful when I initially purchased my carpets. They really shined with the warranty on the carpet and their follow-up. Outstanding work and great attention to detail!

- Mark A.
Aiea, HI

We got it done in record time!

I went to Abbey Carpet and Floors on a special promotions day. From the minute I went in the door everyone was courteous and willing to help me. So I talked with a sales rep who was very helpful. Not at all pushy and just matter-of-fact. It was very fast service! They came out the next day to do the measurements. It was about 4000 square feet of carpeting and it was done in about 5 business days. It turned out very well. I had gone to several other companies and Abbey Carpet and Floors were much better. My project was handled in a friendly and very business-like manner. They did exactly what they said that they would do!

- Kathy A.
Honolulu, HI

All very good

Abbey Carpet & Floors did a good job. They have good service and did good, quality work.

- Albert O.
Honolulu, HI

Absolutely excellent, professional, and customer service oriented

From the very beginning when I called Abbey Carpet & Floors to the very end of the job, it was totally professional and I was very happy with the results. It was a big investment for us. We thought it was great and I'm glad we chose them.

- Doris C.
Honolulu, HI

If you decide to use them, rest assure that you will be in good hands.

Abbey Carpet & Floors installed laminate throughout my whole house, all but two bedrooms where I wanted to keep the carpet. When they were doing the installation, they kept me informed of all that they were doing. Everyone there was well-mannered and I enjoyed working with them.

- Marion U.
Halawa, HI

Great job of identifying our needs

Abbey Carpet and Flooring of Hawaii did a combination of engage luxury vinyl planks and carpet for us. They did a good job in trying to identify our needs, rather than just quoting us on what we had already considered. They were very knowledgeable about the products and their prices and services were good. No complaints.

- Paul N.
Aiea, HI

Trustworthy, professional, polite, and would recommend to anyone.

I do a lot of property management so lots of the jobs I have Abbey Carpet & Floor of Hawaii do have to do with rental properties. Sean is a representative there and he's fabulous. He is so kind, informative, and helpful. None of my tenants ever had issues with him.

I had one issue with the installers when the nails weren't pounded down well. As soon as I reported it they were out there the same day to make the tenant happy. Everyone goes out of their way.

One experience from the same tack board- the tenant's pet cut his paw on the nail. When they took him to the vet the bill was expensive. The pet was only cut! Even though it was not their responsibility, Abbey Carpet paid for the tenant's vet bill. I couldn't believe it! The tenant wasn't expecting it and only wanted to say that she had an issue. I thought, Wow! They earned my business. We can see what kind of company we are doing business with when they handle something out of the ordinary like that. The way they handled it shows tremendous character.

- Daryl G.
Kaneohe, HI

Very good experience.

My husband was calling around carpet places, and got us an appointment with Shaun at Abbey Carpet. He was very courteous to us. My husband had pre-drawn out some information about what we wanted, and it was very helpful for both him and us. Shaun was very informative and pleasant, to the point where we decided we would go with them for the installation.

- Robert & Maria F.
Aiea, HI